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Multiple segments in one email?

Question asked by c33c718812f30a083be913fcfaa9721ec34b3d80 on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by Juli James

Does Marketo enable the use of multiple segments in an email? I've tried to make it work, but haven't had luck so for.


Here's an example of what I'd like to do:


Header image - based on Segmentation 1 (geography).


intro text - based on Segmentation 1 (geography).


body text - based on Segmentation 2 (customer attribute).


closing text - based on Segmentation 1 (geography)


I've created both Segmentations, all the appropriate tokens, and inserted the dynamic text into the email template. However, when I test, only one of the Segmentations works - in the areas where I used Segmentation 2, only the default text appears.


Any advice?