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Creating Scalable Landing Page Templates - Best Practices

Question asked by 13986 on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by Brice Dunwoodie
Hey all, 

I've typically used a CMS for landing pages but circumstances are requiring us to leverage Marketo landing pages more and more for different purposes. 

I'm wondering if anyone can share any considerations or best practices for making these pages scalable and easy to update. (Edward Unthank has a great post on tokens that opened my eyes to some possibilites and I'd like to learn lots more.)

To take one example of something I'm trying to figure out:

We have a global nav and global footer that will be re-used across multiple different landing page templates. 

Is there a way to make these elements modular, so that if your global nav changes (for instance) you could update it in one place and have it change all your templates? 

I understand using My.tokens at the campaign folder/program level, but is there anything similar at the level above templates in design studio? If not, how do you update something that without needing to modify multiple templates? 

A shorter way of putting all this is: I'm looking for tips, tricks, hacks etc. to make it easy, quick, and scalable to keep all your pages looking fresh. :)

Thanks in advance for any input.