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Step by step instructions to create a lead nurture program?

Question asked by 7f3ecac12d2b6ee659f018b1204a6acb1e62bb2f on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by 7f3ecac12d2b6ee659f018b1204a6acb1e62bb2f
Where can I get step by step instructions on creating a lead nurture program? I have a landing page and form and am looking for a tutorial to create a series of email sends when the form is completed. I've read the auto-responder tutorial, but this seems like a lot of work to do an auto responder for the form and one for each additional email send (which there are 6 total). The engagement tutorial seems like the right place, but I don't see the trigger to set off the first email. It seems like I'm in the right places, but just need a nudge to get it all put together. Hoping for a step by step tutorial....