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    Step by step instructions to create a lead nurture program?

      Where can I get step by step instructions on creating a lead nurture program? I have a landing page and form and am looking for a tutorial to create a series of email sends when the form is completed. I've read the auto-responder tutorial, but this seems like a lot of work to do an auto responder for the form and one for each additional email send (which there are 6 total). The engagement tutorial seems like the right place, but I don't see the trigger to set off the first email. It seems like I'm in the right places, but just need a nudge to get it all put together. Hoping for a step by step tutorial....
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          Josh Hill

          Each kind of engagement nurture can be very different, so it depends on your goals and how you are structuring these emails. What is the CTA in each email?

          For Engagements, see:

          For nurturing see:
          Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing via Marketo.

          Yes, once you set up the Streams and content, you will need two campaigns to kickstart it:

          01 - Kickstart - Batch
          02 - Triggered Add  ---- this one adds people as they come into the system.

          You will also need an Exit flow in some situations.
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            Thanks for the fast reply Josh. The CTA in each email is to download a PDF from our website, so it's welcome email, download PDFs 1-4, and completed email. What I worked out for myself is an engagement program that 1- sends a confirmation email when a form is completed and 2- add people to the engagment program with the remaining 5 emails in the stream. I set the cadence of the stream to run M-F so hopefully my test will start the stream this Monday. Otherwise the welcome email is working fine.

            I'll review your links and post anything if any other questions come up.