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    Time Based Action with Smart Campaign

    Ben Cooper

      I have set up a main engagement program that will bring people through a flow. I have a side email that I want to send through a smart campaign to people that haven't had date fields change in Salesforce 9 days after receiving the first email in the main engagement program. Ideally the smart list portion should look like this:


      1. Member of Engagement Program X
      2. Email was sent from engagement program
      3. 9 days after 1st email sent from engagement program, date fields have not changed in Salesforce


      Step 3 is where I am stuck. I am well aware that you can apply a wait of 9 days in the flow. But, once it gets to that part, from what I understand, the smart list would have been processed. Also, we'll have new people entering the campaign, so I can't set up a batch campaign to run once. It has to be able to respond 9 days after anybody enters the campaign and hasn't had the date fields change in Salesforce. Any ideas?

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          Josh Hill

          your choice step needs a smart list to check on people who haven't had those fields updated in the 9 day timeframe. That smart list doesn't have to be more than that.


          Your campaign will be a daily recurring batch  that takes in people who had the email sent in the past 1 day, only Once.

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            If I understand this correctly, you are looking to send a one-off email to those users who were sent 1st email in your main engagement program and since then did not have a specific date field changed on Salesforce for 9 days.


            Here's what you can do - Bridge campaign.


            Create 2 campaigns - let's call them "Bridge" and "One-off Email".


            Here's what the "Bridge" campaign would have:


            Smart List -

            1. Trigger: Email is delivered (select email used in engagement program)
            2. Filter: Member of Engagement Program X


            Flow -

            1. Wait - 9 days
            2. Request a campaign - "One-off Email"


            & here's what the "One-off Email" campaign should be configured:


            Smart List -

            1. Trigger: Campaign is Requested - Source is Marketo Flow Action
            2. Filter: Not Data Value Changed - Attribute Name and Date of Activity in past 9 days


            Flow -

            1. Send Email that you intend to send.


            This should probably help.