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Time Based Action with Smart Campaign

Question asked by Ben Cooper on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by Ben Cooper

I have set up a main engagement program that will bring people through a flow. I have a side email that I want to send through a smart campaign to people that haven't had date fields change in Salesforce 9 days after receiving the first email in the main engagement program. Ideally the smart list portion should look like this:


  1. Member of Engagement Program X
  2. Email was sent from engagement program
  3. 9 days after 1st email sent from engagement program, date fields have not changed in Salesforce


Step 3 is where I am stuck. I am well aware that you can apply a wait of 9 days in the flow. But, once it gets to that part, from what I understand, the smart list would have been processed. Also, we'll have new people entering the campaign, so I can't set up a batch campaign to run once. It has to be able to respond 9 days after anybody enters the campaign and hasn't had the date fields change in Salesforce. Any ideas?