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    Confirming When Marketo Removed Duplicates

    Liz Coan

      I am setting up an email to go out and am having a brain lapse about when Marketo removes the duplicates in a smart campaign. The list to get the emails was 140 specific email addresses. In the schedule tab, it says it is set to affect around 176 because there are duplicates. If I hit run now, Marketo will remove the duplicates before sending out the actual email, correct?

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          Akshi Chadha

          Hi Elizabeth,

          The email would only be sent to one of the duplicate email Ids. However, we don't have an option to select the specific record we want our email to be sent to. It could be sent to any one of all the duplicates available.

          Also, I think you should consider some De-dupe tools that would help you get rid of the duplicates since duplicate records would not only increase your costs ($100/record) but also affect your marketing and sales processes/operations. You could consider M-Clean that would help you remove duplicates from your system. Please let us know if you have any further queries on this.