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    Preventing Marketo Email Editor from stripping out closing tags

    Jerry Yi

      Is there any way to configure/turn off Marketo's heavy-handed HTML validation?


      We use email scripts and my.tokens to generate a dynamic URL in our emails. The token's output is a full anchor tag (and only the anchor tag), i.e.: <a href="our.dynamic.url?ourparams=here">


      In our email template, the code looks something like this:


      {{my.dynamic_url}}Hyperlinked element</a>


      The result is that Marketo's editor strips out the close "</a>" and essentially breaks the template. And there seems to be no way to keep that closing anchor tag from being stripped out.


      I feel like the top suggestion will be to modify script token to output the entire anchor tag + linked element + close anchor tag. But I don't think that's a workaround that scales well. For cases where including the linked element is too cumbersome for the template, or in cases where we'd want the linked element to be dynamic as well.