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    Marketo events app

    Jason Kim

      I have created an event program in Marketo along with a SFDC campaign.  We have a number of contacts we have identified as those who we are going to accept and those who we will not all to attend. In order to check in users we are looking to use the Marketo Events app.


      Question: The Marketo Events app shows campaign members but can you easily decipher who has an 'accepted' or 'rejected' member status before any check-in has taken place? If so how do you do this?

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          Valerie Whiting

          Unfortunately, if I remember correctly (we stopped using their app about a year ago and moved to a more robust app), you are only able to use two statuses within the actual app itself. Registered (pre-checkin status) or Attended (post-checkin status) are the two options you have.


          You could maybe remove those people not allowed to attend from the program before the event starts, or move them into a status outside of Registered, that way if they don't show up in the app your team can know they are not allowed to attend the event.