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    Can't delete contacts

    Dana Sandu

      Wise Marketo village,


      I'm a beginner and trying hard to reduce our number of contacts in the DB so we keep within our new contract's boundaries. So far, I created my functional/active list, a separate list with non-active contacts (=All people-Actives, about 85k), then created a campaign to delete the non-actives. My all people remains unchanged. It's Sunday and I'm getting a headache.... help!


      Thanks much,


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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hey Dana,


          You should post this in products as it will get more visibility.


          It's possible that you are deleting from Marketo but not from your CRM.


          Do you mind pasting a screenshot of the campaign you used to delete your records?

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              Dana Sandu

              Thank you!


              Looks like the campaign is still running, but although (overnight) it erased about 19k contacts, the All People and the INACTIVE PEOPLE seem to say they contain exactly the same number as when I began. Should I expect this to go on for a while and the numbers to be updated only after the flow is executed completely?



              Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 8.18.45 AM.png