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    Certifications - Employer Bonus / Incentives

    Nick Hajdin

      Certifications are valuable to the employee from a career growth perspective but are also valuable to employers as evidence of expertise. Does your company offer bonus incentives for successfully obtaining certifications, such as MCE and MCSA?

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          Christina Zuniga

          My job does not give bonuses directly for certifications, but they will provide it indirectly. For example, my MCE needs to be renewed in August. I put it on my quarterly goals (tied to my quarterly bonus). When I pass, I'll get 100% for that line item, so a small portion of my quarterly bonus is passing the MCE.

          That's the closest to a bonus for certification plan I've had at any place I've worked.

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            Anthony Figgins

            I have never been incentified by an employer to get certified. Many of my bosses have expressed the value of the certification on an individual level, however when it comes to the company, they do not see a change in value. While I was at an agency, We would certify only to keep partnerships up.



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              Josh Hill

              Agree here, that's about all I've seen too.


              If agreed in advance, an employee could ask for a raise for MCE. But that would likely be if they were starting from a fairly low level of marketo understanding that they'd have to work 3-6 months to get to passing.

              I'd likely view MCE for consideration for their next annual performance review. For example, if an employee could get certified, but chose not to, I may view that as not going above and beyond. Really depends in context and their role/career direction.

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                Raul Ocaña



                I just passed the MCE exam and my company paid the exam, and that is it. I think that's good enough, I mean a rise would do better, but paying for the exam and maybe for the renew is fair enough.