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Best Practice HELP: Unsubscribe Management

Question asked by bf67069ce20851e745e71c4f9b95e577a3265762 on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by Michael Grubbs

Looking for best practices on how to manage a large unsubscribe list without paying for the non-marketable leads.

We have about 47,000 marketable contacts and in addition, we have a substantial amount of unsubscribed/inactive contacts. We don't want to pay for those inactive/unsubscribed contacts but don't know what the best approach would be for management now and moving forward.


  • How is your team managing unsubscribes and inactive contacts?
  • Do you pull those unsubscribed and inactive contacts into Marketo?
  • How do you determine what contacts to sync to Marketo vs. remain in your CRM?


Appreciate any advice! Thanks in advance!