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    Learning Marketo after 4 years of Pardot

    Phil Gamache

      In April 2017, I had the exciting opportunity of joining 7,000 digital marketers in San Francisco for the Marketing Nation Summit. This was my first time attending the Summit. It’s fascinating how much insight you can pull from a simple conversation when two people share strong commonalities with deep rooted pain points.

      I’d previously been part of a competitor’s world: Pardot. Naturally, I dove into several Q&A type conversations after mentioning to fellow marketers that I had four years of Pardot experience before learning Marketo.

      So I thought, Hey, if everyone I chatted with was interested in hearing some of the real comparisons between both tools, maybe I should write an article about it.

      Go easy on me; I consider this my first real article: https://inbound.org/blog/marketo-vs-pardot-a-tactical-breakdown