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    Is there a record to see what was deleted?

    Julie Calnero

      Because we have several people using Marketo in pre-fully live phase, we are having a hard time with organization. Is there a place where activity is recorded? I want to know what file was deleted and no one is quite sure.


      Let me know if i can clarify.

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          Andre Washington

          You should be able to see all activity on your account with many filter options in:


          Admin > Audit Trail


          In the right-hand pane, filter by Action: Delete, and you have a record of all deletions.


          Edit to add more detail:


          Since it looks like you're trying to see who deleted a file, you should also use the Asset Type filter in the right-hand pane. From here, select the type of asset you're trying to see records for - like emails, snippets, etc.