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    Marketo and Salesforce Sync

      Hi !


      Two parts:


      This may be quite a beginner question (as I have previously never worked with the marketo and syncing process) but how exactly does the syncing process work between Marketo and Salesforce? I was reading this "Understanding the Salesforce Sync - Marketo Docs - Product Docs " but it didn't really explain much to me.


      My 2nd question now resides with -  say I have a Marketo email that sends to a database and has a register now button. The register button now sends the user to an external form (not hosted by Marketo). The user fills in their details and we now have their data. Is there a way to ensure that it automatically flows to SDFC or is that automatically covered through the syncing process as enquired with question 1.


      Once again - it is quite a beginner question but I am just getting my head around all of this because in the past, I was mainly just working on building the emails and never had to touch the syncing / salesforce process.


      Thanks all!