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    Creating Client Lists in Marketo

    Tara Rowe

      We are looking for a way to pull a active client list through Marketo. We also use SFDC and are having some challenges with how to segment the list out by asset. We were able to pull a list previously with other sources that are no longer available, and with Marketo we have tried creating Smart Lists using the assets but it does not seem to pull in all the accurate data. For example how would I pull in someone who has Product A, but not Product B.

      We tried using Asset is True and Asset Name contains Product A and Asset is True and Asset Name does not contain Product B but it did not work. In our world thousands can have product A and B but we need to at times send a communication to those who have Product A and exude B while removing those who have A & B combined.


      Any suggestions on where to start. Marketo would be our preferred source for a running Smart List. we have not been able to utilize SFDC for this from what we can find. Creating reporting, weather joined or asset does not allow up to filter through to segment with product removal.