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    Include Content PDF Link in Form Fill Alert

    Jenn DiMaria

      Hey, all!


      We're switching to a global program/campaign structure for scalability purposes. As you know, the benefits of this vastly outweigh any negatives, but it does throw a wrench in some existing processes.


      Currently, everything is set up at the local level, including form completion alerts. This allows us to include the PDF download as a local token in the alert that gets sent to inside sales (it's a nice feature that lets them quickly click on the PDF for reference); however, it makes moving to global alerts more complicated.


      We've come up with more than a few cockamamie ways of populating the PDF link in global alerts (including adding javascript on the global forms we're about to create), but I wanted to hear your ideas in case we're trying to reinvent the wheel here.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Justin Norris

          Hi Jenn DiMaria,


          Local tokens will still work in global emails, so long as the email is sent by a smart campaign that is local to the program. You get the best of both worlds this way.


          The structure I generally recommend is


          • Global form in Design Studio
          • Global fulfillment emails (e.g., "Thanks for downloading" and alerts etc. ) in Design Studio
          • Individual program to represent the asset being downloaded for attribution purposes
            • Local landing page
            • Local smart campaign triggering off global form + local landing page constraint sending the emails


          This keeps common elements centralized and easy to update while allowing you to take advantage of tokenization at the local level.



          Justin Norris | Perkuto

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            Dan Stevens.

            Hey Jenn - we provide similar alerts today.  We actually keep a single alert email centrally stored in an operational email folder in DS; and use a central series of "campaign response" trigger campaigns (based on the global campaign that the content aligns to) - rather than keep these in the individual programs:


            All of our programs with gated content request a campaign in one of these four routing campaigns:



            And then the alert is sent to the appropriate country marketing lead:



            Here's the framework of the alert:


            And a sample alert (there's no link to the PDF file, but there is a link to the landing page where the PDF file was downloaded):


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              Jenn DiMaria

              Thanks, Justin and Dan! Our alerts are actually set up pretty similar to yours, Dan - it's a great format and seems to work well for both marketing and sales teams.


              In case anyone's interested, we ended up pre-pending the PDF's URL with a redirect landing page (thanks to Courtney Grimes for the head's up about this). What that does it record the PDF as a webpage visit, allowing you to trigger off "Visits Web Page" and record the PDF's URL in a temp field using trigger tokens. We're still perfecting it for our purposes, but it's working really well, and we only have to deal with one global alert email.