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    Password-protect videos on landing pages

    Rachael Wheeler

      Is it possible to require a password or login to view videos on a Marketo landing page? We want to be able to keep a page of videos locked down and only available to certain staff members through a login function and still be able to track clicks.

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          Sanford Whiteman

          There are a number of threads on password-protecting LPs.


          Bottom line:

          • Logins: no.
          • Per-lead passwords: also no.
          • Single passcode for an LP (or, more precisely, for a form on the LP): yes. You can set a form to have its Thank You page (i.e. redirect URL) depend on the value entered in a form field.  So if someone enters "XO7S092A#2!$%" for Last Form Passcode you can take then inject the video into the page.  If they enter anything else, they don't see anything.  We use this technique for handing out codes at tradeshows, etc.


          Even if you implement this, don't advertise it as true security for the underlying asset. Is only a good-faith attempt to stop people from seeing the asset URL. If somebody shares the URL with them, they can still go straight to it.

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            Dan Stevens.

            You have a couple of options here:


            • If you're using a platform like Vidyard or Brightcove, you can embed Marketo forms directly within the video - either at the beginning or anywhere within the video itself (e.g., after 15 seconds of teaser footage, surface the form)
            • You can treat the video as yet another type of gated content (just like a PDF for example).  On the landing page, include a form and the description/thumbnail of the video - and then once a user submits the form, they are taken to the page where the video is embedded.
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