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    To gate or not gate...and when to gate?

      So many questions and so much planning goes into all that we do.  What is your strategy on email gated content?  What stage of the sales cycle do you gate it?

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          I think a general rule of thumb is that top-funnel and bottom-funnel content is not gated, while mid-funnel content is. Top-funnel content is pieces like blog posts, infographics, or cheat sheets. Mid-funnel content consists of meatier ebooks, whitepapers and reports. Bottom-funnel content includes demos, analyst reports etc.

          At Marketo, we use all types of content in email marketing. But since we're emailing people in our database, when they click on a gated piece of content, they do not need to fill up a form again as we already have their information. So in that sense, every piece of content for them is ungated.