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Viewing the Marketing Calendar & Nurture Streams

Question asked by b5e3f775ab5f38fa560f8832ef413a164daee960 on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by b5e3f775ab5f38fa560f8832ef413a164daee960

We generally don't look at the Marketo Marketing Calendar but I went in recently to see if I could get a full view of all active emails when I noticed that some old engagement streams that were deactivated (content is inactive, schedule is blank) still appear in the marketing calendar, which really clutters up the Calendar view. (Just clarifying, the streams that are showing up are no longer sending emails and aren't set to send weekly even with the disabled content still in the stream).


Does anyone know how to view the Calendar without the inactive engagement streams showing up? We do have a couple engagement streams that we DO use so removing the engagement stream filter wouldn't solve this.


Or does anyone have a suggestion of a better way to see all outbound emails (triggered, scheduled, sent and emails in an active nurture stream?)