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    "Has Opportunity" Filter with Trigger

      Hi Marketing Nation,


      I'm trying to create smart campaigns to update our lead data in Marketo. One of which requires us to look to see if an opportunity closes, but check to see if the lead has other existing opportunities currently open. Here is my smart list consideration:



      Opportunity is updated: Trigger Attribute - Stage = Closed/Won

      Added to Opportunity: Opportunity is Any, Stage = Closed/Won



      Has Opportunity = False

      Stage NOT = Closed/Won, Closed/Lost


      If the lead has an opportunity closed won, but they still have existing opportunities open, I want them to go through the flow. As it sits now, all people go through the flow if an opportunity closes, it seems the filter is being ignored. As a work around, I can create a batch campaign that looks for people who have open opportunities, but this is not ideal.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.