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Tracking root domain

Question asked by cb9b70945297c4c5a9a00fb338056db9890c4316 on Jul 17, 2017
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We are implementing Munchkin tracking for our global country sites and due to regional requirements, we have sites that are setup with country extensions such as, While the standard munchkin code works fine for the .com and any sub-domains such as, tracking doesn't seem to be working for the regional country domains. Do you have any recommendations on the setup or implemented something similar for your sites?


Marketo team suggesting replacing the code as below. However, I believe this is for sub-domains, not applicable to any root domains, per their documentation.@

  1. Munchkin.init("XXX-XXX-XXX"); needs to be replaced with the below
  1. Munchkin.init("XXX-XXX-XXX",{ domainLevel : 2 });