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    Missing Leads in New Leads Activity?

    Nicolas Brisoux


      We’re trying to understand an issue using the Marketo’s REST API. We are building a list of Leads based on the results we got from the New Leads activity endpoint. In other words, we make requests to get all the actitivies of type New Lead into a date range. Then we extract Lead IDs from those responses and we perform requests to the Leads endpoint looking for those collected IDs.


      The issue is that New Leads activity endpoint is returning us just 12 leads, when we can see in the Marketo instance a bigger number of Leads. So the question is, Why New Leads Activity is returning us less Leads? Is there some configuration in Marketo or some condition for Leads entity that prevent the REST API to return the complete number of available Leads?


      Another curious point is the distribution of items in the responses. /rest/v1/activities.json could return up to 300 results per response. In our case, each result represents a New Lead creation (Type 12). However, we got 4 results in the first response, and paginating from it, 2 more results in the next request and another 2 in the third request. Is that an expected behavior?


      Thank you.