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    Token issue with automated sales emails

    Andy Penkalski

      This week, we began automating the followup emails that our business development team sends prospects, and we're facing some uncertainty as to whether or not the token information is delivering smoothly so far.


      Basically, we are using a power dialer where the rep calls the leads on their list and logs a simple alphanumeric as the activity subject line for SFDC, which Marketo recognizes as a trigger to send the corresponding email (see below).




      The issue we're having is that – while the tokens all preview accurately in Marketo for any member contacts – we're seeing inconsistent results displaying on the SFDC preview side of things after actual delivery. When we go to the sales insight section to preview the sent email, the overwhelming majority of these sent emails are displaying as having delivered with the default token values. We've ran tests to some of our dummy SFDC contacts, and those are delivering correctly for us. They also then display correctly in the SFDC preview with that dummy record's exact field values pulling in.


      Wondering if anyone has any experience with this sort of setup and what may be leading for these token values to be always defaulting. I was initially imagining that the SFDC preview just only displayed default values but the fact that our test accounts display appropriately have us concerned that this system isn't working correctly.

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          Alex Munro

          As far as I've seen, the previews of an email in Sales Insight don't have any of the tokens or dynamic content populated.

          This is just the preview though, the tokens/dynamic content are rendered in the actual email sent to the lead.

          My guess is it's just easier to store one version of the email within SF for preview, rather than store every leads' variations.

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              Andy Penkalski

              After digging into some additional tests we were able to verify that this previewer just seems to be inconsistent.


              Like you said, we've encountered plenty of instances where the previewed tokens on the SFDC side never pull in anything other than defaults, but it was the inconsistency of accurate tokens and defaults that had us concerned with how they were being actually delivered.