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    Tokens don't work under the program cloned by REST API

    Yu-Fang Wu



      I used Clone Program REST API to clone a program that contains a local My Token, an approved email, and a batch smart campaign. Then I ran the campaign to send the email under the new cloned program. However, the tokens in the email did not work (see below). The email contains a lead.FirstName token and a my.My Token:


      Dear ${lead.First_Name_1_0},




      But when I clicked Edit Draft for the email and approved it again, the token could work well even if I did not do any change:


      Dear tester,

      This token has been replaced.



      Besides, if I clone the program on Marketo UI manually and send the email, the tokens also work.

      Does anyone have the same issue? Is a Marketo bug or is there anything I missed?

      I would like to used API to clone programs and send emails with tokens, how can I make it work?


      Thank you in advance!