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Is Velocity Script breaking email code in Web View format?

Question asked by d7881fdb1aff9f9d2d1fa2997907fee8c2876295 on Jul 13, 2017
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I am using a Velocity Script in an email to format a currency token to use this decimal format, $150.00, instead of 150.0. In the email tests I'm sending myself, the formatting looks fine. But then when I click the View Online link it ends up showing the entire VS code and breaking the email's html code (please see below). Can anyone please provide insight into why this might be happening and suggestions for how to fix it? **To followup, I sent myself an email through a regular campaign (not a test) and the email appeared fine when viewed in Web View mode....So, could this be an issue occurring only when an email is sent as a test?



Thank you so much!


Laura Kimball