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    Survey in Email

    Lisa Kong



      Does anyone know if I can insert a survey where they can answer it in the email without clicking any links to fill it out? Please let me know.



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          JD Nelson

          I think you'll be hard-pressed to get this to work across all variations/clients out there. Litmus has been doing some interesting things, like embedded quizzes but when I tried to do it, it didn't work in Gmail (epic fail for me).


          There won't be any functionality you can do that won't require a link-click. You could pass data from email to hidden fields on a landing page, but you won't be able to capture data from the email without the explicit click.

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            Amy Goldfine Connor

            The only thing that's close to that is something like Delighted, which puts the NPS survey in the email. But it still takes them to a confirmation page where they can add more info to explain their rating.