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One program to handle all list import in Marketo?

Question asked by Huihsing Kiang on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by Josh Hill

Hi all,


My manager wants to streamline the list import process. Currently, we manually upload the purchased list, tradeshows and webinars list(hosted by 3rd party) to our Marketo instance. The idea is to use one list import program - it'll sort it based on the fields (webinar, tradeshow, live event, etc.) once it gets uploaded. Then it gets scored via Marketo lead scoring program and synced over to Salesforce.


Here are my concerns to use one list import program instead of creating separate programs to handle it:


- No individual campaign program will be set up for the list of each event. I would think it'll increase the level of complexity to set up follow up emails or create nurture campaigns?

- How to properly track the cost of each event? My manager said the number can insert from Salesforce? My concern is missing the valuable Marketo reporting.

- Quite some manual massage on the spreadsheet will be required if we want to use one list import program to handle all?


How do you handle the manual list import? Any thoughts or feedbacks will be appreciated.


Thanks so much!