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    Activity Type ID List

      Hi All - we are using Kingsway to connect our activity email data to our CRM and we are getting numbers for the ActivityTypeID - does someone have a list of these? We are going through manually but not having the best of luck

      For example Looks like ActivityTypeID 27 is a Soft Bounce and ActivityTypeID 8 is a Hard Bounce....

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          Peter Tran

          Hi Adrian - Here is a list of what we know of:


          ActivityTypeId   ActivityType

          1         Visit Webpage

          2         Fill Out Form

          3         Click Link

          6         Send Email

          7         Email Delivered

          8         Email Bounced

          9         Unsubscribe Email

          10       Open Email

          11        Click Email

          12        New Lead

          13       Change Data Value

          22       Change Score

          24       Add to List

          25      Remove from List

          27      Email Bounced Soft

          32      Merge Leads

          37      Delete Lead

          38      Send Alert

          39          Send Sales Email

          40      Open Sales Email

          41      Click Sales Email

          45      Receive Sales Email

          46      Interesting Moment

          47      Request Campaign

          48      Sales Email Bounced

          101        Change Revenue Stage

          102        Change Revenue Stage Manually

          104        Change Status in Progression

          106        Enrich with Data.com

          108        Change Segment

          110        Call Webhook

          111        Sent Forward to Friend Email

          112        Received Forward to Friend Email

          113        Add to Nurture

          114        Change Nurture Track

          115        Change Nurture Cadence

          145        Push Lead to Marketo

          300        Sync Lead to Microsoft

          400        Share Content

          401        Vote in Poll

          405        Click Shared Link


          Hope this helps!