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    Sales insight for retrospective emails

    Mark Jones

      Hello - can anyone tell me if it's possible to retrospectively publish an email to Sales Insight in Salesforce? If so, can you let me know how, or is it a case of creating an Interesting Moment instead - but then, how would a non-Marketo user be able to open up a link to the email?


      Any help much appreciated.


      Thanks, Mark

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          Gerard Donnelly

          Hi Mark Jones,

          If you go into edit mode of any email and then click on settings the pop-up below will appear.  If you check the box for Marketo Sales Insights the email will now be able to be found in Salesforce.  One tip I would do is clone the email to a top level folder otherwise when your sales team try and find it they will have to navigate through all the same folder levels that you have in Marketo.


          Have you got plans in place to stop Sales sending the same email that has already been sent through Marketo?


          Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 11.20.07 AM.png





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              Mark Jones

              Thanks Gerard. I wasn't sure whether simply ticking that box was enough or I had to also trigger something to make the sync happen. I've just checked at random and it seems to be working.


              Good point ref sales sending the email - this case is actually for a division of our business that I don't usually support, but I'll pass on the tip!