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    Template for Informing Sales of Outbound Campaign?

    Naor Chazan

      I'm interested in seeing what other marketing teams are communicating out when an outbound email campaign is scheduled. In my experience we've sent a copy of the email, the intended audience, schedule of the campaign release, and action items required of sales ("if responds, do this" etc. wherever we can't automate).


      Anyone do anything similar or different? Do you just drop this info into an email to sales or do you have a shiny template? Anything you care to share?

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          Hi Naor Chazan,

          I think a simple email template works well. I have seen a more buttoned-up template that's in a PDF with a letterhead, and several pages long. While the latter could be a good template for your largest programs (e.g. annual conference), I think for smaller programs a simple email template should suffice. I like to keep it concise and pick out only the important information. I use bullet formats, fonts, colors- everything that helps make the email more digestible and actionable. Hope this helps!

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