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    Migrating from Callidus Cloud to Marketo

    Anna-Maria Kroner

      We're migrating from Callidus Cloud to Marketo. We hardly ever used our old MAP and don't have any landing pages or forms in Callidus Cloud, so the process should be fairly simple. Does anyone have any best practices, project plans, workbooks, lessons learned, etc. that could make our life easier?

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          Josh Hill

          No, but what is it you are afraid of?


          There are several threads regarding Migration to Marketo from other systems. The principles are the same.


          • dedupe ahead of time
          • figure out the data you still need
          • clean up your email permissions and make sure they migrate (or ditch non customer old records). Or follow the Durable Unsubscribe process.
          • record the pages you need to migrate and prepare redirects if needed.
          • identify entry points for leads
          • did you have other data integrations with Callidus?
          • do you need behavior data?
          • Are you using SFDC?
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