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    Gleam integration & "unexpected error"

      Hello Marketo fam, long time listener, first time caller.


      Today I attempted to use Gleam.io's built-in Marketo integration (documented here) to write new leads into the database from a sweepstakes entry form.


      I set up an API User role with all of the "Access API" boxes checked, then I created an API-only user, set the appropriate permission, and checked the API Only box.


      I then grabbed the endpoint URL, client ID, and client secret from Marketo's admin panel and entered them on the Gleam site. I created a new group list on Marketo and specified that as the target sitewide.


      Unfortunately, whenever Gleam tries to write a contact to the specified list, it returns an "unexpected error" message.


      Any thoughts on where I may have gone wrong here? Thanks in advance for your feedback.




      I had the list specification on "Use Site Settings," and that failed. When it was changed to the specific list on the campaign level it worked.