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    How can we improve Tags in Marketo?

    John Dictson

      Hello Nation!


      We are looking into making improvements to the Tag functionality in Marketo and would love to hear from you.


      We've talked with many of you over the years about tags and seen a number of related posts in the community, but want to make another pass in an effort to get a consolidated wish list of improvements so we can ensure that all of our ducks are in a row as we begin to plan our next move.


      We are especially interested in understanding various use cases for Tags. How do you use Tags today? What works well? What are your biggest pain points? How would you like to use Tags? If you had three wishes, what would they be?


      I have attempted to gather all of the relevant Ideas & Discussions currently in the Community, but want to be sure I haven't overlooked anything. Please feel free to add links to anything I've missed, expound upon or clarify existing suggestions, vote on topics that you like, or chime in on the discussion below.


      Asset level tags

      Default {{my.tokens}} containing program information

      Tag-Based or Channel-Based access control for Programs and Assets

      Tag-level exclusion lists

      Clear a Tag's Value when Program is Cloned

      Mass Add and Delete Tags on Programs

      Taxonomy (tags) on Design Studio Images and Files

      Leverage the usage of tags

      Allow Mass Update/Deletion of Program Tags

      Downloadable list of naming conventions and tags

      Apply more than one tag value

      Search leads based on Program TAGS (as constraint)

      Add Channel and tag constraints to "member of program" and other program related filters / Triggers

      Use tags and channel from the parent program in "Campaign" filters/triggers

      Updating Tags and Tokens In a Program via API

      Adding Tags To an Existing Marketo Program

      Create tasks based on engagement with certain topics (tags)

      Tags for reporting and attribution

      Channel Tags and Reporting

      Any tips on changing channels / tags / general cleanup

      Tags and Reports

      Update Tags through REST API

      Smart List Based on Tag Value - Subscriptions

      The impact of merging and deleting tags

      Allowing the selection of multiple tag values - any update?


      If you are interested in discussing this topic in more detail, I would love to pick your brain. Shoot me an email with your availability and I'll set up some time to chat.




      John Dictson

      Product Manager