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    Severe System Delays Causing Issues w/ Basic Functionality Throughout Our Instance

      I just joined a new organization and their Marketo instance has severe timing delays I have not encountered before (though we are on Enterprise), making it impossible to view even the most basic information related to:

      • Total Leads on a Static or Dynamic list
      • Members of a Program or successfully completed Smart Campaigns
      • Reports - even the most basic out of the box analytics cannot be viewed.


      The system also appears to be exporting data (whether from a user generated list or system list) at the rate of APPROX 1 lead per minute.  So attempting to export 1 list of 2 Million will take over 33 Hours?  


      Has anyone experienced this before?   Obviously I cannot audit the current instance, leads, or marketing activities at all with such delays or develop in expected timelines.  One person on the team mentioned this only occurred after joining data from two instances.  Also not sure if this has an impact, but duplicates are currently allowed, and the branding domain for Product 2 has not yet been established - so everything for product 2 is living as an added Workspace in our legacy Marketo instance at the moment under the branding domain for Product 1.@