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System Jobs & Marketo Logs - Clearing Out?

Question asked by f9dfa62a44198b52dcfa3a906f875e27348463eb on Jul 11, 2017

I tried to search for this and wasn't having any luck, so apologies if this is a duplicate (and feel free to point me in the right direction if it is).


We're running up against our MSCRM data limits and have discovered it's due to the storage of system jobs created by the Marketo integration and Marketo Logs/Error logs being stored in the system. It's creating 100,000+ marketo log records every two weeks, 100,000+ system jobs every two weeks and 100 marketo error logs every two weeks.


I put in a ticket with Marketo and they just told me to redirect to our system admin -- we're a small team, so that would be me at the moment. How are the rest of you dealing with this? Any thoughts/best practices that I should consider?


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.