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    mktImage class without mktToken

    JD Nelson

      I was sending a click from an email to a third-party website and when the mkt_tok was included in the utms, their website failed. So I thought "no worries, I'll just turn it off" -- but in my template (v 2.0) the only way to disable click tracking OR token appending is from the hyperlink box in the WYSIWYG editor. I chatted support trying to find a variable css class I could use to enable this on images and my buttons (neither of which use WYSIWYG), but they said no.

      Docs said I could use <a class="mktNoTrack" for disabling the tracking, but no mention of the token disablement. Ultimately I sent my email without a cta in the banner, but I'm determined to make this happen. Anyone had any luck with this? I found that disabling the css class of "mktNoTok" but it doesn't seem to work when I code it in my template.


      Anyone have ideas?