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    Using a token for a form follow up page

    Olga Khadieva

      Our CRM is not currently integrated with Marketo and we need to automatically update the CRM when someone unsubscribes.


      We had been using the following type of a link that was inserted in the footer of the email:


      https://website.com/secure/en/!website.event_lib.dispatcher?p_event_name=emailUnsubscribe&p_email={{lead.Email Addre…


      When the link was simply added to the email footer text it worked fine.


      Now, we need to use an unsubscribe form and pass the same URL when the form is submitted.


      I tried adding this URL as an external URL Thank You page. Marketo would not allow this URL because of the variable at the end. The error message said that only "my" tokens can be used. I have placed the unsubscribe form inside a program and created a program token "Unsubscribe" and placed the entire above string into the token value. However, i used a plain text token.


      Then I inserted this program token into  form's thank you page external URL :




      As a result, the URL was passed correctly, however the variable p_email={{lead.Email Address:default=}} wasn't recognized by CRM. I wonder whether it has to do with the fact that I used a plain text token or some other reasons?