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    Activity Report

    Michael Collins

      I've been asked to provide some sort of metrics from Marketo that show, for a filtered group - i.e. all person in the UK - how many emails have been sent in a specific time period - what those emails were and how many emails an individual received...I've been told that this isn't possible by Marketo Support - so was wondering if anyone had anything that comes close to this?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Michael,


          Please move this question to Products where it belongs. The specified item was not found. is for generic marketing question.


          You can create an email performance report that will give almost everything. You will be able to limit the report to a timeframe and restrict it to a list of persons (everyone in the UK). This report will give you the number of send for each email.


          What you will not be able to get is the list of addressees. This would requires some smart lists, one separate smart list for each email.



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            Hi Michael,


            As Gregoire mentioned you can achieve this using an Email Performance report. The Smart List would look something like this depending on what you want to see:


            Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 15.29.45.png


            Hope this helps.

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              Dan Stevens.

              This can also be potentially done in RCE - and includes the "who" and "what" (in addition to the raw metrics that are included with the email performance report.  Although depending on volume, you might have some issues.  Recently RCE has been unresponsive for us when analyzing larger data sets (even when limiting the results to a short period - like a month).  According to Support, "there is just too much data".