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    Replicating the Marketo-SFDC Campaign Sync with Microsoft Dynamics

      Hi everyone,


      Question for those who have Dynamics for your CRM - how are people showing campaign membership, status, success, etc in CRM? We have all of this information in Marketo obviously but without the sync options available to SFDC users, we are struggling to think of ways we can get this information into CRM so it can be viewed by CRM members. Obviously there isn't the simple "sync campaing" option available to us, so I'm curious if anyone has found some creative work-arounds to this issue. One idea we mentioned is to add people to marketing lists in CRM, so for example one marketing list would be the members of the campaign, and another marketing list would be those who achieved a program level deemed successful in Marketo... this would at least allow people to view successful campaign members (or just campaign members in general) in CRM. Obviously there is a bit of manual work that goes into this. Perhaps there is way to move data through the API?


      Does anyone have any recommendations or real-world examples of how you display campaign membership and campaign statuses in Dynamics CRM? Any examples or recommendations would be most welcomed!