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    How do content streams function

    Jason Kim

      In one stream you can add multiple pieces of content / emails but when you set the cadence ex. once a week on Mondays at 10am.  How does this work when sending out multiple pieces of content?  Im transitioning from eloqua and am use to setting individual time constraints to when each piece is delivered based on a specific action. If anyone can please explain how this works that would be helpful. 


      Also how do you set the criteria from the very beginning if we need only leads that have a stage of 'XYZ' to begin receiving these emails where can I set that rule?

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          Devraj Grewal



          Stream cadence is set, so that means that one piece of content will be sent out when the cadence runs: Set Stream Cadence. If a stream has multiple pieces of content, the first content not received from top to down will be sent. Once the cadence runs again, the second piece of content not received from top to bottom will be sent. This is primarily for nurture engagement. If you want to send emails based on specific actions, then you will need to utilize smart campaigns: Understanding Batch and Trigger Smart Campaigns


          If you would like to keep using the nurture stream, then you can run a smart campaign:

          smart list:

          stage of "XYZ"


          "Add to Engagement Program" and you define the stream

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            Christine Selvaggio

            Hi Jason -


            To build upon Devraj's responses, is the consideration of using content programs within engagement programs.  The benefit of content programs is that you can manage engagement with a specific piece of content across multiple channels.  Let's say you have a white paper you are promoting via an online advertising program and in a specific nurture. The first step would be to create a content program just for that white paper and two corresponding smart campaigns: member and engaged.  The logic here would be if I were to engage with the WP via the online ad campaign I would be made a member of the content program via a change program status flow step.  Let's say I am added to the nurture program where the same piece of content is being promoted.  Since I am already a member of the content program, I would be skipped the sending of that piece of content when the cadence runs and would move to the next piece of the content in the nurture stream.  Thus eliminating the risk of a duplicate content sends. 


            Another benefit here is that you begin to establish reporting to understand overall engagement with your different pieces of content.


            Thank you!