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    how to sync lookup field to Marketo?

    Teresa Hsu

      I want to create a lookup field in Lead object in SFDC.  The field will pull campaign name to the lead.

      I've read some articles in the community and understood that I need to create a formula field, but not sure what the formula should be for the campaign name?  any idea?




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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Teresa,


          Yes, the formula should bring back the campaign name. The lookup field it self will carry the campaign SFDC ID, although on SFDC user interface it displays the name.



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            Robert Solis

            Hi Teresa,


            Just a side comment, when it comes to Salesforce Formula and Lookup fields, the values displayed in these types of fields will not automatically sync down to Marketo when the displayed value changes.  The reason for this is due to the fact these two types of fields do not update the Salesforce systemmodstamp field on a record when the displayed value changes.  Marketo's integration relies on the timestamp for the systemmodstamp to change in order for it to review a record to see what values have changed.  The fields can still be synced with Marketo and utilized but understand that their value changes will not sync down until some other field on the record is updated, resulting in the systemmodstamp also updating.

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              Veronica Holmes

              Teresa - Since a Lead can be associated to multiple campaigns what exactly does the formula need to do? Original campaign source? Most recent campaign? What are you looking to accomplish exactly?

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                  Teresa Hsu

                  To make it more clear -- I want to be able to capture the latest and most relevant Campaign before we can set up a meeting with a lead.

                  Meeting Set is one of our Lead Status.  Inside Sales are calling down the campaign list and setting up meetings.  However, we don't have visibility as to which campaign actually converts lead to meeting.


                  What I'm doing now is to capture the latest "Most Recent Campaign" as the meeting source campaign.  I'm able to capture the "text" of the campaign name.  However, I want to be able to click on the campaign name and go to the campaign itself in SFDC.  Eventually, I'm building a related list in Campaign object to show how many meetings we were able to get thru this specific campaign.

                  I'm stuck with making the Campaign name in SFDC Lead Object linkable. 


                  I've created a text field in SFDC to show SFDC Campaign ID.  However, I'm not sure if there's a token in Marketo to populate the SFDC Campaign ID?