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    Email based on "all-in-one" template not being received by our servers

    Dan Stevens.

      We'll soon be migrating to Email Editor 2.0.  We're evaluating a specific all-in-one template (one that contains about 25 modules).  Started by sending an initial test to myself.  Never received it.  Sent it to a couple other people on our team - never received it.  Sent it to my personal email address - received it.


      The size of the raw HTML is 187 KB (3,385 lines of code).  Is it possible that our corporate email filters are preventing the delivery of this email due to its size?  I'm currently checking with our Exchange team.  This is by far the largest email in our environment.  All other emails are received successfully.  We may need to rethink using a all-in-one template - at least one that's this complex.