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    Salesforce fields

    Channel Expansion

      Hello Everybody,

      do you know how long does it take for new fields created in Saleforce to land in Marketo?


      Thanks in advance


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          Chris Johnston

          Not long (minutes). My guess if you are asking this question, you probably will want to read this.

          Add an Existing Salesforce Field to the Marketo Sync - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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              Channel Expansion

              Thanks Chris.

              I already read that document and followed all the steps indicated, but in Field Management I cannot see new fields.

              Any suggestion?



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                  Christina Zuniga

                  Not sure if it applies but I found out the hard way that some fields won't come through unless they're on the lead and contact *and* connected through conversion. Not sure why that happens. If you have "Number of Parking Spots" on the Lead record and "Number of Parking Spots" on the contact record, sometimes it won't appear in my Marketo instance unless my SFDC team connects those two fields so that when the lead converts that data goes into the contact record.


                  Sometimes it still allows the field to come through, it's weird.

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                    Brian Law

                    Whenever creating a new field you are planning to sync to Marketo, make sure you make the field visible to the Marketo salesforce profile. The information provided by Robert about timing is correct. Thanks!

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                  Robert Solis

                  The time required for a field created in Salesforce to show up in Marketo.  The important part is that the field is visible to the Sync User at the time it was created.  Each sync cycle begins with checking the Salesforce schema of each Object so if the field was created in between sync cycles then the field will show up within minutes.  If the field was created in the middle of a sync cycle then it could take longer before the current cycle ends and the new one begins.  Depending on how much data is queued to be synced between the two systems, a single sync cycle can run anywhere between minutes to hours so if you have a large amount of data syncing between the two systems and you create a custom field it could be a couple of hours before the field shows up.


                  If you happen to be between sync cycles (and you have the option to sync SFDC Custom Objects) then one trick you can use it to utilize the "Sync Schema" button found in Admin > Salesforce Custom Objects within Marketo.  This button requires the global sync to be disabled before it can be used but when you use the "Sync Schema" the system will attempt to sync the schema for all objects so a new Lead or Contact field will show up.