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    Why aren't leads being added to nurture program?

      I had a smart campaign for adding people to a nurture program that would trigger when the value of the product interest field changed (it's a custom field). I launched the campaigns and thought it was working. I happened to be checking some leads last week when I noticed that it wasn't adding leads to the nurture programs for the last month.


      So I looked through a sampling of leads and it appeared when a lead is added into Marketo from our website (via API) that the product interest field is not changing within Marketo for some reason, even though it is checked as true for every lead when it comes from our website.


      I tried changing the product interest field from a trigger to a filter and added a trigger for when a person is created via the API. (See screenshot below) But that still is not working as leads that have come in over the weekend have not been added to the nurture programs.


      Please help! I want this to be running automatically so I don't have to manually run a campaign to push people into the programs but am at a loss for why this is happening and how to fix it.