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    SOAP WSDL Version

    Kapost Engineering

      We are working to support the upcoming API changes around the new marketoGUID field announced at http://developers.marketo.com/blog/important-change-activity-records-marketo-apis/ .  I have a question regarding WSDL versions.


      If I login to Marketo and go to Admin -> Integration -> Web Services I can see our SOAP endpoint URL, including version. 

      1. How is that version determined?
      2. If I want to start using a newer version of the SOAP API, is it as simple as replacing the old version with new new version?  For example, replacing https://XXX-XXX-XXX.mktoapi.com/soap/mktows/2_9 with https://XXX-XXX-XXX.mktoapi.com/soap/mktows/3_1 in our code?


      From my testing, it appears that simply replacing the version show in the admin dashboard works, but I'd like to know if there are any other considerations to take into account.