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    Easy Merge - Lead and Contact merging

    Ravi Kiran Reddi - Production

      Hi All,

      We are trying to run an easy merge as we have duplicates around 30K and the CRM we use is SFDC. The problem is when we are trying to merge a lead and contact the contact record wins and lead record needs to deleted, for this we need the delete access rights for the Marketo Sync user in SFDC. Due to some protocol issue, we are facing problem to get the delete permissions.


      So is there a way where I can remove duplicates in Marketo and it does not have to delete the lead in SFDC.


      Please provide your insights on how to run the easy merge without having the delete permissions in SFDC.


      Thank You,


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          Grégoire Michel

          Deleting records is usually not a very good solution as it means that you will discard activities.


          Now, there are situations where you might not have a choice.


          You need to isolate couples of records where one is a lead and the other is a contact. This is not really easy to do in Marketo, so I would suggest that you extract the list of leads from Marketo, including the SFDC Type field, then I would do some computations in Excel to isolate the appropriate records.


          One thing I do is to create a field names Mkto ID and a smart campaign that copies the real Marketo ID in this field each time a new lead is created. The interest of this is that this custom Mkto ID field can be exported.


          Once I have done all this I create a smart list which filter is Mkto ID is [List of IDs identified in Excel]. This will be the list of leads to delete.


          Tripple check it before you delete them, though, as there is no undo on delete



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