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    How to Stop SFDC Fields from Syncing to Marketo

      I am trying to stop the sync of a list of SFDC fields to Marketo that we do not need to see in Marketo. The goal is to lessen the clutter in the activity logs going forward and improve the sync performance. I have followed the instructions in Marketo's Docs here, to no avail:


      Hide a Salesforce Field From the Marketo Sync - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


      The steps I took were:


      1) Edit the Marketo Sync User Profile Field-Level Security settings for the Lead object (and Contact object, where applicable) in SFDC

      2) Hide the field in Marketo

      3) Wait for the Next Sync

      4) Make a change in SFDC to one of the fields I had hidden

      5) Checked the Marketo Activity log to see if the change shows up - it does


      I logged a support case with Marketo but they have been unable to provide a solution.


      Any ideas? What am I missing?


      Thanks in advance!