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Engagement program precedence

Question asked by 08c09fb342fcdc60dcd020794aa036017d1167c4 on Jul 3, 2017
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Hi everyone.


I have a question regarding how Marketo handles leads across multiple engagement programs.


Our business has multiple services that are quite different.
We run a series of ebooks that are dedicated to these unique departments.
if a lead downloads an ebook (via a landing page form) they get placed on a nurture stream which is aligned to content aligned to the particular business unit.


This all works very well.


But there is nothing to stop a lead having interests across different business units and downloading and aligning to a different engagement program.

The lead is now receiving content from both programs (or potentially more)

We have a communication limit on our marketing content deliverability of 2 per week.


What happens if the lead is getting regular content and hitting their maximum weekly content limit but they are a member of the second or third engagement program. They may never get the nurture email or get them sporadically on certain weeks if they don't hit the comms limit.


How Does marketo handle the sends, what is the email send precedence?


I don't want a lead signing up to an engagement program if they have to wait 3 months before receiving relevant content.


One option is to increase the comms limit but not something we want to do?
Another option is to "remove from engagement flow" if not delivered email in 60 days for example.


i would love to know your thoughts on how you would handle this scenario.


Kind Regards