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    Best Practices for Handling Leads that Return with an Interest in New Products

      Our company has traditionally viewed a lead as an event where a person expresses interest in one of our products by completing a web form, conducting a web chat, or by expressing interest at a trade show. We recently began using Marketo and capture inbound leads and pipe them directly into Marketo. Using an API call we then pull lead data into a MySQL database that is the backing for a lead distribution and tracking system.  Since Marketo uses a lead's email address as the unique identifier and de-duplicates on the email address, we have been having problems identifying new leads based on our definition (i.e. Mr. Smith expressed interest in 2015 in product A and is now expressing interest in product X, both are considered unique leads).  We are considering using the Activity log to identify new leads from previous contacts.


      Do any of you use a similar approach to defining and identifying leads?  If so, how do you approach this?  Or do you know of any subject matter experts that we can contact?


      Thanks in Advance,

      John Crumpton