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    Track user clicks and behavior around nurture campaigns to find MQLs



      I'd like to start sending over "MQL" data to salesforce as our team continues to send nurture emails.


      When we send direct emails (emails with a link to download content), any lead who clicks a link would be an "MQL" to us and then that data would sync to salesforce for our sales team.


      However, we want to track lead behavior around our nurture emails. While opening or clicking one link in one of our nurture emails doesn't necessarily qualify a lead as an MQL, marketing has determined that 3 clicks (in the same or separate emails) would qualify this person as an MQL.


      I reached out to marketo to find out how to do this because I failed miserably. I got this response


      "on an activity log, you can see individual click activities. Because of this, you can set up trigger campaigns that utilize the constraint for "minimum number of times" , so that when someone clicks three times they can run through a qualification campaign"



      Is there a tutorial on this type of qualifying campaign/behavior tracking?I  want to do this very simply. How can i accomplish this?

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          Kim Allen

          Hi Juliane,


          Do you have anything currently in place for scoring?


          In the scenarios you outlined above it sounds like that could be your solution!


          1. For the clicking in a direct mailer: that would be part of your scoring and would be one of the activities that would Instantly Qualify leads (so automatically bump up their score +100 (or whatever your threshold is)) and the the lifecycle would ideally take care of triggering off the threshold and sending alerts/tasks to the sales team.

          2. This would work the same way but would look for clicks in the nurture emails. You could do it several different ways depending on if you care if they happen all in one day or a certain time period. Or if that doesn't matter (just 3 clicks in all time) you could set each to be worth ~33 points to get to that threshold with 3. Some people would then have this run through the lifecycle as an AQL because it's automated and over time has qualified.


          For activity specific info, you would want to utilize interesting moments, tokens in alerts, etc. depending on your team.


          Hope this helps!


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            Tim Cerato

            Hi Juliane - here are some details to elaborate on support's note:


            Within your MQL smart campaign, on the "clicks link in email" trigger, there should be an option near the bottom of the "Add Constraint" dropdown entitle "Min. Number of Times". This will allow you to specify the number of qualified clicks to occur before the smart campaign is triggered.


            Hope this helps and feel free to send along any questions!





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                Thanks Tim! helpful!


                I was toying with this feature but this is definitely where I got stuck after hearing back from marketo mostly because I don't know where to use this.


                I have a bunch of email programs that have smart campaigns  set to trigger when someone clicks a link. they then get sent over as an MQL.

                I would want to have something like you describe above to look at any/all emails sent and if they click any 3 times, add them to campaign and/or update their lead status from nurture to MQL.

                But, my question is how does this interfere with my current direct email programs? Or rather, how can I have it work in tandem with all my nurture emails - does this step have to be in every smart campaign for my emails? or can this just be its own thing - operating for any lead? So when any lead opens any email and clicks any email 3 times, they run through this flow and get a status update.


                I was trying to figure this out and my brain keeps thinking i may need scoring, as Kim suggests. But with our legacy marketo data, i'm not sure how to rip out the old scoring model and start fresh.