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    Lightbox form on click of form button

      Hi all,


      This has been killing me for the past few days. We have an email unsubscribe form where the user enters their email address in and clicks the submit button that Marketo provides in their form building studio. I want to make it so a lightbox form appears when the user clicks submit asking them if they're sure.


      I have found code that works, but it creates a new button, which wouldn't retain the information from the user input because it's a separate deal. I have successfully edited the CSS styling of the button but when I put the code for the pop-up form in there, it doesn't work (of course). I don't seem to be able to access the hard code of the form so that I can attach the lightbox to the initial form's button.


      Is there any way to do this? Once again, I've got a separate button to produce a lightbox form on click, but I can't get the first form's button to do the same thing.


      For reference, this is the code I'm using for the seperate button: MktoForms2 :: Lightbox onClick - JSFiddle

      (I place it in an HTML box on the landing page)


      Thank you!!!!